Raoul’s Rescue Mission for Narrator and Ensemble


Follow little mouse Raoul in this dangerous and exciting adventure in which he’s trying to save his baby sister from one of the most dangerous cats of the neighbourhood.

“Raoul’s Rescue mission” is a work for narrator and ensemble. The speaker in the recording is Richard Schletty.

For more information about Richard Schletty, please visit:
Indwellings website (Schletty’s poetry)
Schletty Sound website (voice talent)




1 Flute (Fl.)
1 Clarinet in Bb (Cl.)


Percussion (1 player):
Bass Drum (B.D.), Suspended Cymbal (Susp.Cymb.),
Wood Block (W.B.), Snare Drum (Sn. Dr.), Shaker (Shak.)

String quintet:
1st, 2nd Violin (Vln.) Viola (Vla.)
Cello (Vc.) Bass (Cb.)


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