Raoul’s Rescue Mission for Narrator and Orchestra – The Opera!


Follow little mouse Raoul on his adventure in which he’s trying to save his baby sister from one of the most dangerous cats of the neighborhood.

In “Raoul’s Rescue Mission”; the Opera, the main character, a little mouse named Raoul, is forced to go on a mission to rescue his baby sister out of the claws of the mean neighborhood cat, Tomcat.

The opera is to be performed by four singers. Tenor 2 and baritone are doubling roles and could for example change masks to make clear which character they are playing at any given time. BabySis’ (represented by a doll) 2-bar part, is sung off-stage by the soprano.

This work hasn’t been performed yet, this is a digital recording. The singing parts are played back by digital voices (so there will be no actual text being sung, only the pitches of the vocal parts will be heard).




1 Flute (Fl.)
1 Oboe (Ob.)
1 Clarinet in Bb (Cl.)
1 Bassoon (Bsn.)

2 Horns in F (Hns.), 1 Trumpet in Bb (Tpt.)
1 Trombone (Tbn.), 1 Tuba (Tba.)

Percussion: 2 players
Bass Drum (B.D.), Shaker (Shk.), Susp. Cymbal (Susp.Cymb.),
Woodblock (W.B.), Xylophone (Xyl.), Glockenspiel

1 Harp (Hp.)

1st, 2nd Violins (Vln.) Violas (Vla.)
Cellos (Vc.) Basses (Cb.)

Soprano: Mother/BabySis
Tenor 1: Raoul
Tenor 2: Narrator/ComeOn/Sewer
Baritone: Father/TomCat/GuardDog


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