Trauerlieder (sorrow songs); 11 songs for voice and piano


Trauerlieder (sorrow songs), 11 songs for voice and piano.

1 – Verzweiflung: Albert Ehrenstein (lyrics in German)
2 – Verlassen: Albert Ehrenstein (lyrics in German)
3 – Der Berserker schreit: Albert Ehrenstein (lyrics in German)
4 – Der Tantenmörder: Frank Wedekind (lyrics in German)
5 – Ilse: Frank Wedekind (lyrics in German)
6 – Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen: Friedrich Rückert (lyrics in German)
7 – Desperat: Friedrich Nietzsche (lyrics in German)
8 – Morning: Emily Dickinson (lyrics in English)
9 – Giving and Rewarding: Kahlil Gibran (lyrics in English)
10 – Sehnsucht: Burns and Heine (lyrics in German)
11 – Time and Eternity: Emily Dickinson (lyrics in English)

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